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Welcome to Gul & Bla streetwear FreeDrive! This is the place where you can upload, store, retrieve, and distribute 20 Megs of your data for Free.  You can use your GUL & BLA FreeDrive to store any file type, whether it is for school files, business files, personal files, or fun files.  You can access your files from any internet ready computer.

You can also use a keyword to give your family, friends, or clients access to your GUL & BLA FreeDrive.  Using the keyword you provide them, they can download files from your GUL & BLA FreeDrive,but for your security, they will not have the ability to upload files to your GUL & BLA FreeDrive. 

Listed below are just a few of the many ways people have used FreeDrives.  People have used FreeDrives to:

  • Eliminate the need to carry around floppy disks and external drives
  • Back up their critical data (e.g., on-line taxes, sales presentations)
  • Share pictures with their friends and family
  • Share documents with clients or classmates
  • Expand the storage capacity of their computers

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