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The Jews of Greece Today 

Jews have left their imprint in Greece in many cities and towns over the 2,000 years of the community's history. The current centers of Greek Jewry are Athens (3,000) and Salonika (1,000), although the latter is only a remnant of the huge community that thrived in the city for some 500 years. Jews are also present in Corfu, Chalkis, Joannina, Larissa, Rhodes, Trikala, and Volos.

Most of the Jewish organizations, including women's, youth, and athletic groups, are unified by the Kentriko Israelitiko Symvoulio Ellados (Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece).

The Athens community center contains meeting rooms and a communal library. Small schools operate in Athens, Salonika, and Larissa. The community publishes the monthly Gegonota.

There are eight synagogues throughout the country, all of them Sephardi. These are served by rabbis permanently based in Athens, Salonika, and Larissa.

Ancient synagogues can be visited in Aegina, Corfu, Delos, Joannina, Kos, and at Canea on Crete and on Rhodes. Jewish quarters can be found in Arta, Chalkis, Chios, Corfu, Crete, Drama, Ioannina, Ipati, Kyparissa, Naxos, Patras, and Veria. The Jewish Museum in Athens presents the story of Greek Jewry.

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece
2, Sourmeli Street
10439 Athens
Tel. 30 1 883 9953,  Fax. 30 1 823 4488

Israel's Embassy
Marathonodromou 1
Paleo Psychio
154 52 Athens
Tel. 30 1 671 9530,  Fax. 30 1 647 9510