History of Greek Jewish Community

The Rise and Decimation
 of Greek Jewry

The context of the pages to follow is based on the book :
 Athens - Auschwitz 
written by Errikos Sevillias, a survivor of the Nazi death camps .The book was translated into English by Nikos Stavrolakis .

Note on Nikos Stavrolakis

          Nikos Stavrolakis was one of the founders and director of the Jewish Museum in Athens  Greece from 1978 until 1993. During that time he was responsible for creating the basic collection of the museum consisting of religious, ethnic and historical artifacts-the sole remnants of a 2,400 year Jewish presence in Greece. He is the author of several books of Judeo-Greek Interest including an important guide to "Jewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece", a book on Judaeo-Greek cookery, "Cookbook of the Jews of Greece" and several other works. He has also followed a separate career as a painter and illustrator and his works have been exhibited widely in the USA, UK, Europe and Israel. 
          We must  express our deep appreciation to Nikos Stavrolakis for granting  his noble  permission to use his books and his sources, making this website possible . 

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